Our Call

God is calling Family of God to be an active serving church. We work to serve those who need help more and we also help those seeking ways to help/serve or seeking answers, seeking help, or seeking a church home.

Because we believe God is calling us to be a church where:

  • Vital, vibrant worship inspires people to live out their faith.
  • People work together to meet community needs in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • People of all ages are spiritually nurtured and grow in the Word.
  • Youth are encouraged, supported, challenged and appreciated.
  • People joyfully invite others to know the Lord and his church.
  • People are open to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit.


Share the embrace of God’s love by being a family that welcomes, supports, and nourishes all seeking to make connections and to make a difference through service as part of the Body of Christ.


  • Faith.     Trust in the Lord.  
  • Love.     Without Love we are nothing.    
  • Family.   Everyone is a child of God.  
  • Prayer.   Family of God is a praying community.